Return and Refund

  1. The product has been used for reasons apart from checking fit and comfort if pinku mart is satisfied that the product has been used for reasons checking fit and comfort pinku mart shall reserve the right to reject the return of the product.
  2. The product has been washed.
  3. The price tag,brand tags,box original packaging material,and accompanying accessories have been damaged or discarded by the user.
  4. The serial number/IMEI number /bar code of the product as applicable dose not match pinku mart.
  5. The accessories delivered with the product (such as charger, earphones,user manuals,etc) are not returned along with the product,in undamaged condition.
  6. There are any dents, scratches,tears or any other damage to the product or any part thereof the gift accompanying the purchased product have not been returned,or upon being returned,show signs of being used washed or defect.
  7. In the case of electronics if the products sought to be returned are not sealed in the poly jiffy bag provided by pinku mart.
  8. Pinku mart is satisfied that the product has been refunded defective or unusable.

Pinku mart shall not accept return or refund requests raised for any of the following products:-

  1.  lingeries,innerwear,and swimwear
  2. cosmetics
  3. deodorants and perfumes
  4. fashion jewelry and accessories
  5. socks and stockings
  6. gift vouchers issued by pinku mart if any and
  7. such other products as may be specified by pinku mart from time to time
  8. pinku mart shall initiate a process of refund of the money paid by the user towards purchase of product,if upon conducting quality checks,it is satisfied that the product being returned entitles the user to a refund it is further clarified that the pinku mart shall not be required to make any refund in respect of any product that deems ineligible for a refund bassed on such quality checks.
    Its is hereby clarified that in the case of electronics not with standing anything to the contrary and subject to clause 3.6 above, product may be returned only in case of defects or deficiencies in the product and not for any reason.
  9. It is expressly clarified that the refund untitled to be a user shall not include money paid towards shipping charges or any other such charges applicable from time to time except in case of a product having a defect at the time of delivery (for reasons attributable to and accpeted by pinku mart after due verification at its sole discretion)


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