1.  The period of rental begins immediately when the products are ready for you to our premises or have been delivered to you the period of rental ends when everything you have rented is returned within acceptable conditions.
  2. you are responsible for the products all the time the they are not promises you must take good care of the product and keep them in your possession throughout the rental period and any extension.
  3.  you are liable for all loss or damage caused to the products in their full replacement cost or value whichever is the higher.
  4. You must tell us in writing of any loss of or damage to the product without delay and you will pay to rent a dress the full cost of the replacement or repair of the products in the case of loss of product and/or extensive and irreparable damage you will be liable for and charged 1.5 times the retail cost of the dress.
  5. Rental transaction made using offline cash.
  6. There is no additional charge required in the from of security deposit if transaction is made using offline cash. however should there be anything else owed to us (e.g.extension of hire period,unpaid invoices or for damage to and replacement of product, late returns etc.)rent a dress reserves the right to charge the renter via account invoices or offline bill,due immediately.
  7. You may not alter or modify the product in any way, including hemming alterations,size alterations,ironing,or cleaning.
  8. If the renter is uncontactable or unavailable during the agreed delivery/pick-up timings leading to failed, delivery/pickup of the dress the renter will be charged accordingly for any additional arrangements to deliver pickup the dress.
  9. If the products are held beyond the agreed period of rent they remain in your possession without our consent we will charge you 80 per day for this well as for any damages for breach of this contract if this causes loss to rent a dress.
  10. you may not arrange cleaning yourself unless we have agreed this in writing.


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